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Keller Williams Owner Answers 10 Key Questions on IntroLend

05/23/23 -

Kacy Bell is Operating Principal of Keller Williams Greater Des Moines and Keller Williams Siouxland, in Iowa. She runs multiple enterprises that support these large and successful real estate brokerages, including Insurance, Settlement Services and now Mortgage. In these very short videos, she answers Ten Key Questions about her new, internal mortgage business: IntroLend Home Results.

1. Why did you form an IntroLend Chapter?

2. How do your Finance Managers support the lending process?

3. What do your Clients & Agents like best about IntroLend?

4. Can IntroLend help your Clients in a rising interest rate environment?

5. Can Agents also benefit in a rising rate cycle?

6. What was it like to launch your IntroLend Chapter?

7.Did IntroLend support you in team education?

8. How were your early lending results?

9. Any “Best Practices” to share with new IntroLend Chapters?

10. Any final advice for Broker-Owners considering IntroLend?

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